Nigel recently treated me for an on going 2 + years running injury which after 18 months the NHS couldn't remedy and I had given up being able to run more than 1 mile due to the pain. However, after only 4 sessions with Nigel. I can run 5k without pain or having to stop. Something I haven't been able to do since the injury occurred. He identified & treated the pain in my foot. I am extremely happy to recommend to anyone (and have done so. 2 of my friends are currently clients) & even when my injury is gone I will continue to use his services for the sports massage.

K Simmons

29 Aug 2013

I came to see Nigel suffering with strong pains in my left shoulder and neck from a whiplash car accident. Nigel immediately put me at ease making me comfortable in his presence. Through regular examinations and gentle manipulations, my pains have diminished to a stage of general maintenance only. I would recommend for anyone to visit Nigel. He is professional, friendly and highly experienced.

A Berry

29 Aug 2013

I have been receiving treatment from wright-therapies for a neck problem, which has been troubling me for many years. I have found Nigel to be very professional and efficient. He diagnosed my condition early on and used various techniques to resolve the problem. He also offered sound advice on how to prevent the problem reoccuring, and providing a very relaxing massage which I have found very useful for stress control. He treated me with dignity and respect, and offered me full control over how any further treatment should proceed. I was very happy with the treatment charges, and would highly recommend Wright-Therapies.

R Ross

29 Aug 2013

I went to see Nigel for the first time on the the recommendation of a friend for the treatment of chronic back & neck pain that I had experienced on & off for a number of years. He listened carefully to what I had told him about the problems I had been having & explained what he could do for me. After session one , my back felt much better and over the course of the following few sessions the pain I'd been experiencing disappeared. Nigel provides a professional and friendly service and l would highly recommend him.

S Hutchinson

29 Aug 2013

After having an Achilles tendon injury in both legs I sought the services of Mr Wright, he immediately knew what treatment to administer and within a very short period of time I was back walking again as normal. Since this introduction to Mr Wright and his services I have used him for various other training related injuries and also to reduce swelling in my left leg whilst having a broken ankle in plaster cast. I would recommend his services to anyone with or without injury.

R Hawley

29 Aug 2013

Nigel Wright treated me for severe Neck & Arm pain; within a few treatments I was pain free. I would definitely recommend him.


29 Aug 2013

Nigel just wanted to say thanks for your help and advice with my back & neck. I have spent many years in pain, and after just a few sessions I feel great. Already I feel my health is improving and feel having my spine corrected will set me up for the later years. Once agian thanks.


29 Aug 2013

Nigel has treated me on several occasions for Back, Knee and general leg problems. He is very capable of identifying an injury and goes on to treat it efficiently, well worth a visit.


29 Aug 2013

First went to Nigel a couple of years ago after straining my back over-reaching to empty the car boot. Nigel identified the problem in my lower back and explained the treatment he would try. Felt better after session 1 and after 3 sessions back to normal. Just been back again (age thing I guess) for the same problem- 3 sessions and I am ok. Nigel is extremely skilled and both the manipulation and massage are very relaxing. He has given me a series of exercises to carry on at home. I had no hesitation in recommending him to my neighbour.

Mr S Thompson

25 Mar 2014

I sustained a shoulder injury which was giving me content pain. Nigel was recommended to me by a friend, who visited him for back problem. Nigel identified my problem and began a series of treatment. I have seen a vast improvement in this condition over the following weeks. I would definitely recommend Nigel to other people.

David Parmley-Chesterfield

28 Mar 2014

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14 Aug 2016

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