Massage Therapies

Sports, Remedial and More Massage Therapy Treatments in Sheffield, South Yorkshire


Remedial Massage

Is the assessment and diagnosis of muscular and skeletal conditions and injuries. Treatments include massage, mobilisations, stretching and strengthening as well as other modalities such as electrotherapy (Ultrasound, Interferential TENS).

Remedial Massage has been successful in treating conditions such as:- frozen shoulder, tennis elbow, back, knee, hip and neck problems and carpel tunnel syndrome. It also aids pain management in conditions such as arthritis.

Sports Massage

Is a form of massage involving the manipulation of soft tissues and is designed to assist in correcting the imbalances caused by repetitive and strenuous physical activities. Sports massage can be used prior to a sporting event to help enhance performance, and post event to aid recovery and prevent injury.

Manipulative Therapy

Manipulative therapy, particularly of the spine, is probably the most widely used form of therapy for many disorders, both acute and chronic, in the western world.

The uses of manipulation can be divided into two classes according to the principle objects of use. The first of these classes affects mainly the soft tissues and includes massage, stretching and various forms of soft tissue work. The second of these classes is used primarily to affect joints, particularly the vertebra.

Therapeutic Massage 

Is a form of massage where the approach considers the person as a whole, whilst taking into account mind, body and spirit.

Therapeutic massage is for the person who is looking for a stress relieving and relaxing experience.

Indian Head

Indian head massage is a powerful holistic therapy which generates a sense of calm and tranquillity and a release of anxiety.  The stimulation of the scalp and hence blood/oxygen supply to the brain produces high levels of concentration, clearer thinking and helps relieve mental tiredness, stress and depression.  By helping to dispel tension, head massage provides an invaluable treatment for stress linked problems such as headaches and eyestrain.  It also improves the condition of the hair.


Massage is one of the most ancient forms of therapy. It is a process of soft tissue manipulation where different techniques of stroking, kneading and pressing are used, the body's tissues will help relieve pain, relax and stimulate. See the full benefits of massage therapy and contact us to book your appointment today.